Tara Will - Grey Skies


Tara Will - Grey Skies


Size: 33 x 25

Medium: Soft Pastel on Paper (framed)

Artist Statement:  Tara Will

The Radiant Pastel

Pastel is a really wonderful medium that is steeped in significant historical tradition. Using the

same pigments that create the paint of other mediums, it is rolled in dry form into a stick to be

used by hand. There’s something about having it in your hand without the extension of a brush

that makes it so intuitive and allows for strong, expressive marks. Having taken a role in a very

active plein air movement, I realized quickly that not many painters are using this very

productive and luscious medium. Outdoors, pastels are wonderful for laying down essential

information in a decisive, direct manner. Painting outdoors has moved me from my first time

out to paint. There is something magical about the quality of natural light. I love to see how it

has such influence and power over its subject. Often making the mundane beautiful; the

dismissed present. This body of work reflects my travels outdoors, capturing my favorite

subject: light.


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